Maya FAQ:

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This is an attempt to get rid of redundant questions, on the listserver and otherwise.
I'll try to put most of the answers on here, each time I get across a frequent one.
But honestly most of the answers are in the manuals, and pretty easy to find.

ok the first one is something that seems to be troubleing a lot of people.

  1. Using melscripts.
  2. Setting up an Inverse foot
  3. Fixing jagged edges when compositing
  4. Missing icons/default tool for Maya.iff files on IRIX
  5. Renumbering image sequences
  6. Reflecting/Refracting an ImagePlane
  7. Alpha channel for transparency in shaders:
  8. Creating 'fake' caustics
  9. Creating 'floppy-skin' for muscles and bat/dragon wings, etc.
  10. Dynamic/animated linking, through constraints
  11. Creating a simple flocking system with particles and fields
  12. The NVIDIA+Maya slowdown problems
More faq's will surely follow.