MEL scripts.

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(if there is no special instructions then simply put these in your $HOME/maya/scripts/ directory)
these two adds your homedir and 'root' to the folders in the visor/hypershade
(they work automatically and should not the called 'by hand'!!!)
bBox.mel toggles boundingbox display mode for the selected objects
example image: bevelProfile.jpg
Creates bevels based on a profile, this can then be edited to create pretty much any bevel. (not perfect yet)
bioImport.mel little script I did for some guy who wanted to import 'biodata' like molecules etc.
closePolyHoles.mel attempts to close holes in the selected poly object
deformBySurface.mel an attempt to implement SI's 'deformBySurface' / Houdinis 'pasteOnSurface' (not perfect but works ok, I know some have tried to use this to create the muscle-beneath-skin effect, I don't know if they were successful, though some early tests looked promising)
enableJointMove.mel Enables you to move the joint after skinning, using 'move-pivot'/<insert> mode.
fixWarp.mel turns on 'fix TextureWarp' for the selected objects 
(I guess I'll make this a 'toggle script')
isoPfx.mel assigns the current PFXbrush to each visible isoparm on the selected object
(I did this before Duncan made the much more advanced scripts for distributing PFXbrushes over surfaces)
makeUnique.mel makes instanced objects 'unique' or non-instanced
pfxJustShadows.mel turns off Surface rendering for pfx strokes, keeps shadows
(I made this for Stoppy ;)  )
prefixRename.mel renames all of the selected nodes by putting the 'prefix' in front of its original name
settess.mel small template script that sets tesselation values for NURBs surfaces
subdGivenIntoPolyMode.mel this fixes the problems with texturing subD's polycage, the polycage keeps the texture/shading info, but is disabled in other ways, so you have a complete and robust polytexturing workflow.
So now you can actually use the TextureView!!! ;)

To use, put it in you Maya/scripts/ directory, and restart maya or source the script
viewSequence.mel Gives you a browse box and starts fcheck with the selected image-sequence This is the GIMP Maya IFF plugin compiled for Linux, I updated the '99 plugin to gtk+1.2 I tested it briefly with Gimp 1.2 on RedHat7.2
If you are like to buil it yourself then here's the source with makefile etc. This is the GIMP PSD saver plugin compiled for Linux, I updated the plugin to gtk+1.2 I tested it briefly with Gimp 1.2 on RedHat7.2